If you cannot love, you can’t live because love is the soul of life. Can you imagine of living without soul? Of course not!
What love really is?
Love is much more than the romantic feelings, physical attraction, or sexual desires between a man and woman. Love is the divine force within you which keeps you motivated to do the things you love to do. When you are in love your excitement level crosses all boundaries thus giving you the most powerful inner strength you need to excel in any field of life.
Are you in love?
I don’t know about you but as far as I am concerned, I am deeply in love. My day starts with love. I love to get up early in the morning and love to take a brisk morning walk in the nearby park. I love my work so I reach office in time. My office work gives me the enjoyment which I badly need during the day. I love to meet new people. I love to exchange ideas with them. After finishing my office work, I love to drive back home in my favorite car. My home is the best place for me to love and relax because I love my wife and children. I am rich in love and enjoy living in a loving atmosphere.
Are you rich in love?
There is a remarkable difference between the persons who love and who don’t. Those who do not know the true meaning of love are very unfortunate people. They are usually unkind, unhelpful, unlucky, unsuccessful, selfish, jealous and even cruel. Nobody likes them. On the other hand, those who love are very gentle, kind, helpful, successful, faithful and friendly with whom everyone wants to associate.
Let the love work for you!
Why not let the power of love work for you to bring happiness in your life. Whatever you do, do it with love. Love your work and be rewarded with success. Love your spouse and live a happy family life. Love your parents and get their blessings. Love all human beings and expand your circle of friendship world-wide.
Attract more and more love!
If you give love, you will get back more and more love. Be a great lover and keep enriching your life and the lives of other human beings with the divine power of love. Only lovers live a fuller, prosperous and a meaningful life.

About IMT ( Ikatan Mahasiswa Tegal ) Ciputat

Organisasi independen mahasiswa yang terdiri dari mahasiswa asal Tegal dan ada keterkaitan dengan Tegal yang menimba ilmu di daaerah ciputat dan sekitarnya agar menjadi wadah persatuan dan pengembangan dalam memajukan skill dan knowledge masing-masing mahasiswa sehingga menjadi pribadi yang bermanfaat baik untuk diri sendiri dan masyarakat Tegal sekitarnya.

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  1. love is pure,but
    sumtimes evrythin gonna absurd,coz we too praise love,realize or not,dats true
    devil come n give poison for love,that why love become dirty,far from purity,only passion n bad attitude
    every people have brain 2 think,n control our love,love isn’t logic,but as human being we need love 2 survive
    love likes wave if u can control,u will get advantage from it,but if can’t control,love will destroy u like wave destroy everything

    dun 2 luv with sumthin’ coz u will regret if loose it,n regret its very painfull,sad n tears neve’ erase ur regret, only increase ur suffer,coz everythin in dis world ”not immortal”

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